Internet Thing: #DeadRaccoonTO

From a tweet-by-tweet timeline by Craig Silverman covering the big story out of Canada yesterday:

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Internet Thing: The Resonant Frequency of Googly Eyes

[Rob Meyer]

Every object has a resonant frequency, a pitch that makes it jitter up and down and echo. Resonant frequencies aren’t limited to acoustics, either: Objects can have mechanical or electromagnetic resonance, too. Where there are waves, there is resonance. Which is one reason I like this video so much:

Googly eyes, it turns out, can have resonance too. In the video, someone locates that resonance at around 433 Hz. The eyes go crazy. A frequency of 433 Hz is a flat A-natural in the middle of the piano. It’s also very near the “A” used by older composers like Mozart and Verdi, who turned their A to 432 Hz.

One thing that interests me, though, is that the resonant googly eyes don’t google. They just dance.

Besides, if they wanted to google, they’d need a keyboard, a computer, and a web connection. And fingers to type. Nyuk nyuk.