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Alan just revived one of his old features, “All-Request Photos“:

Is there a subject you’d like to see a good photo from? A photo you’ve already seen somewhere else, but would like to see a higher-res version? A particular photographer, event, or theme? If I have access and can find it, I’ll try to post it. […]  How it works:

– Tweet a message with an #AtlanticPhotoRequest hashtag, making your request. (or, alternately, send me an email at

– The first 40 or so requests will be taken in order, if possible—one photo per person, please (if you make more than one request, I’ll just pick one).

– After enough requests have come in, the invitation will be closed, and I’ll start compiling a photo essay made up of all the requests to be posted soon. (In this case, the post will go up on Thursday, July 2.)

– When the entry is posted, requester’s twitter handles and tweets will be included in the captions, along with the credits and description, when possible.

The photo of the paper-mache Trump seen above, by Daniel Becerril, was suggested by Sophie over Slack. From the Reuters caption: “Days after the billionaire accused Mexico of sending criminals to live in the U.S., a Mexican artisan has given angry Mexicans an outlet—a Trump piñata they can stuff with candy and beat with a stick.”

Update: Check out all the winning submissions here.


Astronauts Can See You Cutting Off That Driver

[Chris Bodenner]

Below is the view from an ultra-HD camera mounted on the International Space Station, taken from one of the videos that Alan flagged last week for Notes:


It’s actually private companies watching you, not astronauts. Adrienne has the disquieting story. Commenter Shielark sighs, “I guess the only way to get a little privacy any more is on some OTHER planet.”

Another Day, Another GOP Candidate …

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Ohio Governor John Kasich is the latest Republican to throw his hat into the presidential race, confirming last night and announcing over Twitter this morning that he will launch his candidacy on July 21. Be sure to check out Molly’s great profile of him back in April, “The Unpleasant Charisma of John Kasich.” Here’s Atlantic reader Boris Milman on why “Kasich reminds me of Bill Richardson for the Democrats in 2008”: Continue reading

Stephen Breyer, Atlantic Reader

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Our own Matt Ford is cited in the dissenting opinion from Justice Breyer in the ruling that just came down upholding the use of lethal injection:


Read that now-historic piece by Matt here. His initial reaction to the ruling via Twitter:

Oh wow. Breyer, with Ginsburg concurring, now believe that the death penalty is unconstitutional in all circumstances

Stay tuned for Matt’s analysis of the 5-4 ruling in Glossip v. Gross. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out our June cover story on the botched lethal injection behind the ruling. The most up-voted comment on that story comes from long-time Atlantic reader Eric Vanderhoff: Continue reading

Who’s the Fiercest of Them All?

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Sophie makes the case for Pocahontas as “Disney’s most radical heroine.” Commenter Tariray points to a candidate who debuted three years before Pocahontas:

Sophie Gilbert forgot Jasmine—a princess who outright refuses an arranged marriage and falls in love with a street rat. She’s a princess who fights for herself and is intelligent enough to manipulate Jafar when required. She also wears friggin’ pants. Oh, and in the cartoon series, Jasmine kicks some major ass because she actually knows how to fight.

I think it’s more of an evolution of more independent and heroic female main characters – and I think it began with Ariel. She may have been dumb enough to give up her voice for a dude, but remember that it was also out of her own curiosity to be human. Even the lyrics of “Part of Your World” are empowering:

Bet you on land, they understand
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women, sick of swimmin’, ready to stand.

Rather than pointing Pocahontas out as the strongliest of strong females, she is just one in a huge line of increasingly more assertive and inspirational females that Disney has been churning out. They all have their flaws, but they all have a seed of strength that Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora didn’t have.

Other examples? Email and I’ll post the best ones.

Track of the Day: Phantogram’s “Bill Murray” (Premiere)

[Ryan Burleson]

“We named it Bill Murray because we always pictured a sad Bill Murray for the visuals of that song,” Phantogram’s Josh Carter writes via email. “We want him to be in the music video.” Whether Mr. Suntory Time will appear in said video remains to be seen, but listeners should have no problem catching a Murryian vibe between the lines of the song, premiering here at The Atlantic today. “Bill Murray” lopes along gently, its side-chained synth buzz, breezy slide guitar, and xylophone clinks making a soft bed for Sarah Barthel’s airy vocals, which ache with a loneliness that many of the actor’s characters could relate to. The duo’s new record, Voices, arrives February 18 on Republic.

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